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If there is a lack of American technology industry

China’s wafer development is a dead end The US government issued a ban on Huawei. The trade dispute between the two countries has gone from tariff war to science and technology war. However, according to Japanese media reports, in the absence of US technical assistance, the seemingly booming Chinese chip …

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5G technology can be licensed to a US company

Ren Zhengfei said at a Huawei dialogue that he could license a 5G patent to a US company. He also said that Europe has given Huawei many opportunities. Deutsche Welle Chinese Network) Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said on Thursday (September 26) that the company could license 5G technology to a …

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Impairing the diversification of skilled immigrants

The Epoch Times reporter Liang Shu reported) The S386 proposal to cancel the technical immigration green card country restrictions failed to pass the US Senate on Thursday (19th). Civil society said the bill was controversial because it would turn the benefits to one country, India, once it would seriously damage …

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Sino-US trade will open up? US proposed 14 types of technology restricted exports

The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has developed an export control framework for key emerging and basic technologies and related products, which includes a considerable number of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and micro-processing. Devices, biotechnology, positioning and navigation, etc., public opinion believes that the current semiconductor industry …

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How to limit China’s access to American technology?

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is divided on how to limit China’s access to US technology because it wants to find ways to protect national security without damaging the US industry. President Trump and many of his senior advisers have viewed China’s technological ambitions as a threat to national security …

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