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Today’s Attention

The White House said that Trump still plans to sign the agreement on time. Beijing: The consultation work is progressing smoothly.
Mnuchin: I will not go to Beijing. The telephone consultation between China and the United States has been fruitful.

Demonstrators apply for Saturday Victoria Park rally Hong Kong Police issued a notice of opposition
The press conference of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee will be held on November 1st
China’s 5G commercial service launches
The hurricane-class strong wind fueled the Nanjia new wildfire and burned to the front of the Reagan Library.
Immigration Bureau: Labor non-immigrant, immigrant visa application expedited fees will rise
The Fed announced that it will cut interest rates for the third time in the year and reduce future interest rate cuts.
Is there a good show in the impeachment investigation? The House of Representatives invites Bolton to testify next Thursday.

“One horse malpractice” Chinese rich businessman and US reconciliation agreed to hand over 700 million US dollars of assets
A train fire accident in Pakistan has killed 62 people and injured dozens of people.
Trade war dragged down business investment confidence, US economic growth slowed slightly in the third quarter
“Before suicide or have counterattacked” US military announced the hunting of Baghdadi action images
“Speak English in Canada”, the white woman is busy in the Vancouver supermarket, and the staff “speaking Chinese” is too rude.

The latest progress of Li Xin’s draft: Kunming Public Security has filed a case investigation on the forced insult case of Luo Mogan
Insufficient stamina in the election campaign
Ali is the first to be listed in Hong Kong in November? HKEx: Do not comment on individual companies
The decline in mathematics reading scores of primary and secondary school students in the United States
In a criticism, Twitter announced that it would ban political advertising.
The Federal Reserve cut interest rates by 25 basis points as scheduled. The offshore RMB exchange rate rose above 7.04.

Taiwanese media: Huang Heming, former chairman of Taiwan’s Hewlett-Packard Company, died
Emphasizing the “Indian”, the United States attends the ASEAN summit delegation “degraded”
R&D own chips China is advancing these “big moves”
California Halloween party shooting caused at least 3 deaths and 9 injuries 2 suspects at large
The threat of mountain fires has intensified. Netizens said that this California winery wedding photo is like the end of the world (multiple pictures)
Accept Ma Yun challenge? Mayweather arrogant response: I don’t know who Ma Yun is.
Lin Zhengyue: The main goal of not rationalizing atrocities is to stop the violence.

Heavy witnesses are willing to return to Capitol Hill for a public hearing. Republicans: no fear
Cui Tiankai: The common development of Sino-US economic integration is the trend of the times
Epstein was sentenced to “suicide” 2 months later. Authoritative forensic: evidence points to murder
A week after the British container tragedy, the Belgian police found 12 people hiding in refrigerated trucks
Chinese tax authorities continue to optimize the business environment
Nanjing Xuanwu Lake autumn color beauty scrolls Yanbian golden autumn October smog eye-catching
The US Senate and the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives passed the “Taipei Act” Beijing: Resolutely opposed
Liu He was appointed as the director, Wang Yi was the first deputy director, and Li Xiaopeng was established as the director of the office.

Former executives were fired and reported that Juul had sold millions of contaminated cigarette holders.
The next day I have to leave my post and I have not succeeded. The Minister of the Ministry of National Security: I can stay for a long time.
Liu Jiu-ru’s private underage girl? Deyun’s retreat scandal angered fans
China’s Ministry of Commerce: Last week’s pork price was 51.21 yuan per kilogram, up 11%
The deficit is approaching trillions. The Ministry of Finance is considering issuing 50-year bonds to help lend.
Heilongjiang Helen discovered rare ancient biota
The fire that caused celebrities such as Schwarzenegger to evacuate in the middle of the night was triggered by a branch?

Li Xiaoying PG One intimate video outflow, the man admits love, Ma Su self-deprecating face
Nandan mine disaster in Guangxi: the company is suspected of reporting the family’s late-night alarm for help.
The water level in Jiangxi Fairy Lake continues to fall. The Wannian Bridge in the Ming Dynasty “surfaced”
The United States, Britain, and other countries have raised the issue of Xinjiang and have been refuted. Beijing: Anti-China performance is shameful.

In the first three quarters, China’s online retail sales reached ¥7.32 trillion, a year-on-year increase of 16.8%.
Li Ka-Shing donated HK$1 billion in “emergency money” 200 million first to the catering industry
The US Department of Commerce is evaluating telecommunications supply chain rules. Huawei or an archery target
No remedial, no brushing questions 15-year-old Shanghai girls reelect “the youngest scientist”
Secretary for Security of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government: Hong Kong and Taiwan have already contacted Chen Tongjia to Taiwan
What is the impeachment investigation? Democrats in the House of Representatives release program files
The latest Hurun real estate entrepreneurs list is unveiled Xu Jiayin and Wang Jianlin’s wealth shrinks
May be contaminated with deadly bacteria. Michigan company recalls apples to the eight states

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