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Russian Helicopters will sell four cards – 32A11VC firefighting helicopters to China

Russian Helicopter Holding Co., Ltd. has signed a supply contract with China Jiangsu Baoli Investment Co., Ltd. for four-card-32A11VC firefighting helicopters. Helicopter supply will be completed in 2016-2017.

The Card-32A11VC helicopter will carry out fire fighting and patrol missions in China to support special operations.

“The Ka-32 helicopter has been successfully served in China. This contract fully demonstrates our intention to develop a mutually beneficial and win-win partnership and plans to continue to cooperate under the framework of supplementary supply and new projects” – Alexander, General Manager of Russian Helicopter Holding Company Misheev introduced.

Alexander Shelby, deputy general manager of marketing and business development at Russian Helicopter Holding, said that the Ka-32A11VC helicopter is extremely suitable for high mountain areas and large cities in China.

“The Card-32A11VC helicopter can land on small platforms, changing course between dense urban buildings and high mountains,” the deputy general manager stressed.

At present, the Chinese fire department mainly uses the Ka-32A11VC helicopter for fire fighting and rescue. At the beginning of January this year, the “Schoolski Academician” scientific research ship was trapped by ice floes in Antarctica. China’s Ka-32A11VC helicopter played a huge role in rescue operations.

The Card-32A11VC helicopter meets the requirements of FAR-29 and Aviation Regulations -29 and has passed the Airworthiness Assessment of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The helicopter currently serves Austria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Indonesia, Spain, Canada, Kazakhstan, China, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, North Korea, and Japan.

Russian Helicopter Holding Company is one of the leading companies in the field of international helicopter manufacturing and the only R&D and manufacturing company of Russian helicopters. The holding company was established in 2007. Headquartered in Moscow. The holding company has five helicopter factories, two design bureaus, component production and service companies, aviation maintenance plants and after-sales maintenance service companies in Russia and other regions. The clients of the holding company are the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations and other state departments, large Russian enterprises, and foreign companies.

UIMC will equip China Su-35 helicopter with modern communication equipment

United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation will provide China with the communications systems needed for military airports and will equip the Chinese Air Force’s Su-35 high-mobility fighters with modern communications equipment. The system enables secure data exchange in stable anti-jamming situations and connects the tactical air force’s aircraft into a unified network.

“China and Russia have signed a large purchase contract for the Su-35 multi-functional fighter. The upgraded S-108 communication integrated system is included in the fighter equipment system, which makes the Su-35 fighter integrated into the tactical automation control system. In the structure, Sergei Skovkov, deputy general manager of Instrument Manufacturing Associates, introduced the integrated system in the anti-interference mode to ensure the information interaction between all Air Force communication systems.

He emphasized that compared with the previous generation communication system, the working capacity of the S-108 communication integrated system radio line is significantly improved, and the number of effective channels for simultaneous transmission of information is greatly increased. This system can shorten the information transmission time and improve the receiving data in electronic countermeasures. Reliability.

In addition, the S-108 Communications Integrated System is capable of relaying signals to ground control command posts and aircraft performing combat missions.

The aircraft produced by Sukhoi is guaranteed to be equipped with Russian equipment, so UIMC will provide the NKVC-27 ground integrated system to the Chinese military airport, which ensures that the aircraft piloted by the front-line aviation maintains communication with other types of aircraft.

The aircraft produced by Sukhoi is guaranteed to be equipped with Russian equipment, so UIMC will provide the NKVS-27 ground integrated system to the Chinese military airport, which ensures that the aircraft piloted by the frontline maintains communication with other types of aircraft.

“This system is designed to effectively network, communication channels and data exchange channels, mainly in conjunction with the following tactical air force aircraft: Su-27SKM, Su-30MK2, Su-35 and other aircraft, – Sergei. Skokov said. – This system has the function of a command post, which can automatically issue control commands, forward instructions from higher authorities, control and record the execution of missions. The NKVS-27 ground integrated system can be within 1500 km. The combat aircraft provides multi-channel voice and data communications.”

Russian technology group (Rostec) will develop Singapore’s “Intelligent Protection Device” technology

At the symposium of the Russian and New Zealand government committees, under the auspices of the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov and Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Shandaman, the holding company of the Russian National Technology Group, Sibor Holding Co., Ltd. A leading company in the electronics and ICT industry in Singapore, Singtech Electronics, a subsidiary of Singapore Technologies, has signed a cooperation agreement.

Under the terms of the agreement, Shinco Electronics will provide Sibor Holdings with exclusive rights to use its advanced research and development results, the Agilent Intrusion Detection System (AgilFence), in the countries of Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union. The system is a “smart guard” and the innovative optoelectronic fiber sensing cable operates on this system.

This research and development is currently required in both the Singapore market and foreign markets. This system has ensured the safety of Singapore Changi Airport within a few years and has played its part more than once.

The Russian holding company will also obtain relevant licenses to realize the final assembly of the cable in Russia in accordance with the production process of the Singapore company and the complete localized production process of the Russian Technology Group and produce the Xiboer brand products.

“According to the signed agreement, the cooperation between our two parties will enter a new level. At present, we can transfer from the discussion of the project and intention to the implementation of specific projects that are very beneficial to both parties. I am from colleagues from Shinco Electronics. Express my heartfelt gratitude and firmly believe that the Yajie anti-perimeter intrusion detection system will open up new opportunities and new future for us,” said Vladimir Kappes, general manager of Xiboer Holding Co., Ltd.

Under the framework of the implementation agreement, Shinco Electronics will train Russian experts to provide all necessary assistance and support to the Russian side to ensure that the holding company can provide equipment, technical services, and technical support systems to customers.

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