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Chief Female Host Reveals American Chinese TV Corruption

On March 13th, the New Century Network reprinted the news of Boxun. It revealed that Wang Ai Bing, the chief female host of the former US Chinese TV station, reported to the State Council’s Overseas Chinese Affairs Office for several years that Jiang Tianlong and Luo Sai’s main assets, the use of despicable means. Rejecting dissidents, using cronyism and other corruption issues, but never getting any reply from the domestic propaganda department, the anti-corruption department and the competent department, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office.

Bo Xun observer Tie Xun said that recently, a staff member of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of the Communist Party of China, because it really could not see and could not stand the reporting and repeating mechanism within the CCP system, was transferred to Bo Xun, the former host of the former US Chinese TV station through relevant channels. Wang Ai Bing’s accusation, I hope that the top leaders of the Chinese Communist Party can be vigilant, and strictly investigate the corruption of Chinese TV stations in the United States, quickly change the TV station’s lack of space overseas, and the difficult situation of domestic financial use.

On January 16, 2011, Wang Ai Bing stated in this complaint that as an overseas Chinese, she has the responsibility to report to the leadership of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, to re-react and complain that the overseas publicity agency is still holding overseas, but it is doing damage to China. The image regards the external propaganda organization as what some “patriots” have done, lest they continue to damage the image of the motherland.

The complaint was disclosed, Wang Ai Bing immigrated to the United States in January 1989, and entered the “American Chinese TV” under the “Asian Cultural Enterprise Co., Ltd.” (hereinafter referred to as “Ya-Wen”), an overseas organization of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, in 1990, as a news anchor, journalist, and advertisement. Salesman resigned in 2001. In March 2003, at the invitation of the chairman of Yawen, he re-entered Yawen. He served as the chairman of the Asian Cultural Education Fund, the executive director of the Asian Business Exhibition Center, the business directory of the Americas Times, and the Asian Culture Media Group. Director, Director of the Asian Cultural Center, etc. In November 2006, without any reason, Yawen unilaterally tore up the employment contract and dismissed Wang Ai Bing.

Wang Ai Bian said that she was one of the first eight entrepreneurs of “American Chinese TV”. In the environment where the Taiwanese survival was very difficult, she worked as a news anchor and reporter for 11 years in Chinese TV. Because of her excellent work performance and personal advertising performance, she was reported by the “Chinese Talents” in 2000. Unexpectedly, she caused the Luo Sai vinegar to be a big fan. Jiang Tianlong began to find and squash her from all aspects. By August 2001, she was resentful because she couldn’t stand the complicated personnel inside of “American Chinese TV” and you vie for the harsh environment.

The indictment revealed that Jiang Tianlong and Luo Sai, the principals of “American Chinese TV”, squandered state-owned assets and reduced the commission rate of employees. They never let employees make money. Every year, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council allocates 2 million to 3 million American Chinese TV. The US dollar and the performance of the station have grown to more than 300-400 million after 1996, but the station never let employees make money, and the commission rate of Wang Ai Bing has shrunk from the initial 25% to 5%. And Rosie’s relationship with Jiang Tianlong not only can charge the advertising fee to a minimum of 80%, cut 50% to her customers, and blatantly advertise, only her clients can have publicity reports, other salesmen simply Can’t enjoy it (because Jiang Tianlong will always reject it for various reasons).

Chinese TV and many provinces and cities in China have window programs. Each window program gives the other party a total of $60,000, but Jiang Tianlong Rose has only opened $3,000 on the company’s account, and the rest of the money has entered his pocket. Jiang Tianlong’s current property has four properties in New York and two suites in Shanghai, China. The properties in other places are unknown.

Wang Ai Bian said that all corners of Chinese TV are equipped with monitors. The good point is safety considerations. Jiang Tianlong is doing his most in his office every day. He is looking at the monitor and making stocks online. Watching the employees fight.

The indictment said that the Chinese Overseas Chinese Affairs Office provided a free performance to Chinese TV (now Yawen Group) for free every year. Jiang Tianlong directed the advertising salesman to the community to sponsor, and each time Luo Sai was personally launched, holding the overseas Chinese office. In the name, it is a political task, forcing the community to pay, leaving a very bad impression. Jiang Tianlong and Luo Sai took the national money and drove their husband and wife shop. As a result, although Chinese TV has operated for 21 years in the United States, it is still a small company with dozens of people, and the ratings are getting smaller and smaller.

Wang Ai Bing disclosed that at the end of December 2002, Chairman Yawen’s founder personally visited Wang Ai Bian several times and sincerely invited her to come back to work. Because many people complained that Jiang Tianlong used Chinese TV as his own industry, Hu Zuofei, the community response was extremely poor, and the completion of the work also wanted to rectify Jiang Tianlong. At that time, she was told to tell her: “The ‘Qiao Bao’ has suffered serious losses in these years. We have now opened the ‘American Times’, I hope to do it to replace the “Qiao Bao””, etc. The completion of the work gave her a lot The senior job title also allows her to get a commission, so that her income will not be reduced but also promised her “the company’s car to open to work for you, you go to l contact work all the expenses to reimburse you, you can even work at home , to play your ability to carry out the work. “Rosie (Jiang Tianlong’s current wife) is covered by Jiang Tianlong, you have me. “Let her be very touched, I really feel that I have met a good person.”

Wang Ai Bing said: “I fully understand now that I am the political victim of their mutual use. Their interests are tied together, and private transactions cannot be known to outsiders. But the misdeeds are enough to become a stumbling block in China’s external development. “”

Wang Ai Bing also revealed that the leadership of the former Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Communist Party of China has irresponsibly transferred the complaint letter she wrote in the past to the accused of the completion of the work, such as Jiang Tianlong and Jiang Tianlong. “The problems of me and the Chinese TV and Yawen Center are not only If it is not solved, but it will also increase the intensity of persecution.”

American Chinese TV station smashes Falun Gong

It is reported that the American Chinese TV Station was established in 1990 and covers the Greater New York area of ​​the United States. It is an external propaganda organization of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council.

Since May 17, 2008, Falun Gong practitioners have held a “sacrifice of the 36 million Chinese warriors at home and abroad to withdraw from the CCP.” The CCP, on the one hand, instructed the mobs to besiege and attacked the retired volunteers in Flushing, New York, USA, on the one hand, using the Chinese language controlled by them. The media spread the toxins around the world and smashed Falun Gong, in an attempt to pass on the disintegration crisis facing itself.

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